Madison Yang_2nd Project_1

2 thoughts on “Madison Yang_2nd Project_1

  1. Hello – My name is billie, I am a student at The Learning Connexion and I would like to just say !!! This is everything I have been trying to acheive! This is so resolved, and I feel mad at myself for not thinking of eyelets when I have been trying to bind dowel rods with wire to much disappointment. I am now welding iron rods together – but its nothing new. Madison’s work here is amazing! Thanks for sharing


    1. Your welcome 🙂 Madison is a very talented young artist, needless to say we gave her a good grade on that project. If you like I can give you a few tips on replicating the technique it looks simple but the movable joints created by the eyelets makes things more challenging then you would think. You clearly already understand triangulation judging by your other work so that shouldn’t be a problem, the hardest part is actually dealing with the limited space an eyelet provides. I would suggest buying a couple different sizes of eyelet, and use the larger eyelets as an anchor on which to attach other smaller eyelets. If all your eyelets are super tiny you will quickly run out of room to add more dowl rods to the your structure. Hope that helps and glad you found this post useful. Good luck.


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