Examples of Student’s Work

The following artworks are examples of pieces created by students I have taught. They are shown here as examples of the kinds of classes and projects I have taught as a Teaching Assistant and Art Instructor. All art shown is the intellectual property of it’s creator(s).

2015 St. Louis ArtWorks: Pocket Park – Art Instructor

Students learned the basic principles and artistic skills involved in landscape architecture and public art by conceptualizing and designing a pocket park for the city of Padedale, MO. In addition to artistic skills students also learned valuable professional skills such as public speaking and professional conduct while presenting their designs to the their client the Great Rivers Greenway. Construction of the finished park design will hopefully begin in 2018.

2015 Three Dimensional Design – Teaching Assistant

Students learned the fundamentals of three dimensional design as well as basic tool use and construction techniques.

2014 Art Practices: Public Practice – Teaching Assistant

Students designed and presented concepts for public art to the University City Arts and Letter Commission, as part of the 29th Annual University City Sculpture Series. The Arts and Letters Commission then awarded four students a commission to realize their project in full scale. During the class students learned how art’s function changes when presented in the public realm and what role the artist plays when engaging with the community. The following are the finished art commissions.

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