Artist’s Bio

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Caitlin Penny graduated with her BFA in Drawing from Kansas State University in 2011. And after moving to St. Louis with her husband she completed her MFA from Washington University – Sam Fox School of Art in 2015. She currently works as professional artist and writer in Wichita, KS, together with her husband and two cats.

In collaboration with her husband Michael Penny, Caitlin is currently working full time on a high-fantasy novel entitled, Daern. The book is set in a fantasy world complete with many of the conventional tropes of the fantasy genre: magic, dragons, and a fair amount of sword play. However while the setting is fantastical the topics explored in the novel are far more contemporary as characters struggle to deal with anxiety, identity (personal as well as national) and prejudice.

Caitlin views this project as both a extension of her previous work with social relevant topics as well as  a return to her earliest interest in narrative and story telling. To learn more about the project please visit our Tumblr site for the latest news.




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